Shale Gas Utilization

Information about multidisciplinary faculty hiring at WVU

orange oil and gas well In keeping with West Virginia University’s strategic goal of excellence in research, creative activity and innovation, positions are being allocated in “Mountains of Excellence” that represent multidisciplinary areas of strength and opportunity. The multidisciplinary faculty hires with the shale gas utilization initiative will build upon our established success in fundamental and applied energy research, and will address the technology, science, regulation and economics associated with conventional and innovative uses of natural gas.

New faculty joining the program will conduct research and scholarship across college boundaries and develop relationships with existing research faculty to establish a nationally visible and externally sustainable program in shale gas utilization. Opportunities also exist to work closely with faculty engaged in research on shale gas production. The Office of the Provost has committed resources to foster the growth and development of shale gas utilization research and recognizes the impact that the program will have on curricular development and outreach.

The links provided in this portal direct applicants to detailed information on the multidisciplinary hires, specific position descriptions, WVU’s colleges, the institution’s research office and support infrastructure, and the Morgantown community.

To discuss institutional plans in Shale Gas Utilization or to learn more information on these positions, please contact Pradeep P. Fulay, Associate Dean for Research, Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, at

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