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Faculty Rewards and Recognition Committee

To remain a competitive institution that attracts a range of students, we must also consider how we incentivize our faculty to be engaged and collaborative and to contribute to the University's mission by appropriately and consistently rewarding them for their achievements in the classroom and beyond. This group will utilize both internal data (e.g., salary structures, faculty workload agreements, available benefits, annual review data) and external data (e.g., analysis of promotion and tenure process at peer institutions) to guide their process.

This effort will also recognize the importance of faculty contributions in the areas of diversity and inclusion and will ensure that under-represented and minoritized faculty are equitably valued and rewarded.

By examining our current processes and identifying new areas of need and of opportunity, we will improve our current system and reward faculty for their excellence and impact.


  • CO-CHAIR: Presha Neidermeyer (Provost’s Office), Associate Provost for Academic Personnel
  • ASSOCIATE CHAIR: Chris Staples (Provost’s Office), Special Assistant to the Provost's Office
  • Malayna Bernstein (CEHS), Service Associate Professor
  • Peter Butler (Davis), Associate Professor, Director
  • Brent Clark (Extension), Extension Associate Professor, Director
  • Emily Corio (Media), Teaching Associate Professor
  • Lupe Davidson (Eberly), Professor, Associate Dean
  • Kelly Diamond (Libraries), University Librarian
  • Lisa DiBartolomeo (Eberly), Teaching Professor
  • John Hu (Statler), Professor
  • Michael Ibrahim (CCA), Professor, Director
  • Glen Jackson (Eberly), Professor
  • Melissa Latimer ex officio (Provost’s Office), Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture
  • Julie Lockman (HSC), Teaching Associate Professor, Assistant Vice President for Graduate Education, Director of Faculty Affairs
  • Andrea Taliferro (CPASS), Associate Professor
  • John Taylor (Law), Professor, Interim Dean
  • Michael Walsh (Chambers), Associate Professor, Chair