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Academic Integrity @ WVU

Effective at the beginning of the Fall 2019 semester, all incidents of academic dishonesty are subject to the  WVU Policy on Student Academic Integrity. Key changes are highlighted below. More questions? Contact the Office of Academic Integrity via email or by phone at (304) 293-8111.

What's New?

  • Instructors should report suspected misconduct as soon as possible. Once a report is made, it will be screened by the Office of Academic Integrity to determine if the student has prior related offenses or if other aggravating factors are present. This screening will determine whether the incident is managed through the Course-Level Process or the Academic Dishonesty Conduct Process. After making the initial report, instructors should wait for an email with further instructions from the Office of Academic Integrity prior to taking additional action.
  • Cases involving repeated or aggravated academic misconduct will be managed by the Office of Academic Integrity in partnership with the reporting instructor and/or department, and frequently, in consultation with the accused student’s major college. This will allow more serious disciplinary sanctions to be considered in these cases, while allowing for faster resolution time.
  • All official communications with the student (e.g., charge and outcome notices) will be sent by the Office of Academic Integrity, with the exception of appeal communications.
  • Appeals have been streamlined to one (1) rather than three (3), and go to the Dean/designee (in the Course-Level Process) or the Provost/designee (in the Academic Dishonesty Conduct Process).
  • Sanctioning in the Course-Level Process is capped at course failure. Regardless of process, targeted educational sanctions will be imposed by the Office of Academic Integrity in all cases where a student is held responsible for academic dishonesty.