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WVU has announced plans for on-campus classes this fall, with base tuition and fees unchanged. Visit the Return to Campus website for the latest.

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Join us in celebrating the 12 selected Transform This! Challenge Grant recipients. Check back in May 2020 to see their final results.


Promoting Strategic Transformation Goal #5

Be a university that advances a culture, climate and organizational structure that promotes sustainability, well-being and an enriched quality of life.

Ambassadors for Change

Project Leader: Kathryn Williamson
Department/Unit: Faculty-student collaboration in WVU Honors College

Students in the HONR 293, Ambassadors for Change, course will host a Campus Conversation-style event to promote awareness of first-generation college student experiences. The information and resources generated will support the WVU First-Generation Initiatives website and provide content for materials that can live on beyond the project.

Appalachian Studies Portable Exhibit

Project Leader: Travis Stimeling
Department/Unit: Appalachian Studies Working Group, WVU Humanities Center

The Appalachian Studies Working Group, sponsored by the WVU Humanities Center, will create a portable exhibit featuring notable Appalachians who have made contributions in a variety of academic and creative disciplines and public service. Using portable standup displays, the exhibit will travel around the WVU campus and appear at WVU-sponsored events (including sporting events) to draw attention to the remarkable achievements of Appalachians and inspire future generations.

Art Study Reflection Space

Project Leader: Hilary Fredette
Department/Unit: WVU Libraries

The WVU Libraries strives to be a place that will spark opportunities for research, innovation and collaboration that enriches all of our lives. This project would create an accessible space (room 1020) on the main floor of the Downtown Campus Library to highlight and provide the best atmosphere for displaying faculty, student and community artwork, while incorporating appropriate seating and study space for surrounding the ever-changing art.

Building a Sustainable Campus Community
Through Family-Inclusive Peer-Support Events for Faculty

Project Leader: Thorsten Wuest
Department/Unit: Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Statler College will pilot family friendly events that enable peer-facilitated faculty support and create a supportive campus community. The aim is to build a strong, sustainable and supportive campus community, providing an environment that enables open exchange among peers in a friendly atmosphere that explicitly includes the families of the faculty members.

Exercise Is Medicine on Campus

Project Leader: Miriam Leary
Department/Unit: Division of Exercise Physiology

The Division of Exercise Physiology (EXPH) has partnered with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to improve mental health and physical activity on campus to create a culture of well-being and enriched quality of life. EXPH will offer exercise education and fitness classes in classrooms and greenspaces on the HSC, Downtown, and Evansdale campuses available free to WVU employees. Offering these free, easily accessible exercise classes can reduce barriers to exercise and motivate our campus community to begin or continue a physical activity program.

KITT (Kinetic & Inclusive Teams Toolkit)

Project Leader: Jessica Vanderhoff
Department/Unit: WVU Libraries

WVU Libraries will create a virtual space providing guidance and techniques to improve facilitation and build teams and grant access to Kinetic & Inclusive Teams Toolkit (KITT). This resource is ideal for professional development and team-building events including in-service training and employee retreats, onboarding and orientations, and other University-sponsored activities with student organizations or community groups.

Let's Grow, Mountaineers!

Project Leader: Carrie Caviani
Department/Unit: Purinton House and WVU Global Affairs

This project will brighten the entrance of WVU’s Purinton House as an iconic historic building with plants and flowers. The project will be a collaborative effort in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Purinton House through interaction with plants. Each plant will be tended by a member of the Global Affairs team, who will work as a cohesive group to keep the project functioning. The plants also will serve as a reminder to tend to our constituents kindly and thoughtfully.

Menstrual Equity Coalition Vending Machine

Project Leader: Charlotte Hoelke
Department/Unit: WVU Women’s Resource Center

Through the Menstrual Equity Coalition, the WVU Women’s Resource Center will pilot the use of a menstrual product vending machine to promote accessible and free period products to increase the well-being and quality of life of the faculty, staff and students. The machine will be located in a common building on campus (location to be determined), and the Women’s Resource Center restock the products on a regular basis.

Rainy Day Inspiration

Project Leader: Kimberly Zaph
Department/Unit: Faculty-student collaboration with support from the College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences

The Rainy Day Inspiration project will beautify our campus and create a positive, inspirational environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The project will engage the campus community to generate artwork to display on sidewalks using Rainworks paint, which appears when it rains to add University approved art, such as inspirational quotes and original art designs, will be added to campus sidewalks boost our spirits on rainy days.

Transform Arnold Hall!

Project Leaders: Sharon Ryan and Kasi Jackson
Department/Unit: Collaborative effort supported by the Philosophy Department and the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Arnold Hall is the home to eight academic units and four WVU units that support innovative, interdisciplinary, and transformative student and faculty scholarship. This transformation project will create an accessible and welcoming entrance to promote study sessions, out-of-class discussions, brainstorming, sharing research ideas, reflection, and connecting in a communal space. The project will ensure Arnold Hall appears as an attractive, vibrant community to both people who work in the building as well as visitors.

Treadmill Desk for Students in the PSC Library

Project Leader: Virginia Stephens
Department/Unit: WVU Potomac State College Library

This project gives students the option to move while engaging in scholarly pursuits. The project leader will install a standing desk and treadmill to keep students’ bodies and minds in perpetual motion and promote well-being.

WVU Evansdale Gardens

Project Leader: Morgan Haas
Department/Unit: Collaborative effort among the Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design; the Sustainability Office; and Sodexo

In collaboration with the Sustainability Office and Sodexo, the Davis College is launching an Evansdale Garden project to utilize internal expertise in plant and soil sciences to create an experiential learning opportunity for all students, while providing a sustainable, local sourcing option for Sodexo. By fall 2020, the project will offer students opportunities to maintain the garden for experiential learning.