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Visioning Sessions

As part of the Strategic Transformation process, the Office of the Provost initiated a crowd-sourcing effort to brainstorm a vision for the future of WVU. 

Department chairs, directors and unit leaders were asked to facilitate conversations in their own departments or units about what WVU is doing well and what it could do better. Facilitators for these visioning sessions were trained by the WVU ADVANCE Center team, whose significant research has found that facilitation is key to healthy academic departments. Their findings suggest that chair-facilitated dialogue can significantly improve the department work environment and the career success and satisfaction of individual faculty members.

The facilitated conversations focused on generating ideas for the future of WVU using the prompts below.

IMAGINE It! A Vision for 2025

WVU is a diverse, successful, adaptable,
thriving land-grant institution.

View of WVU Campus

First, participants were asked to identify things to KEEP at WVU to reach the 2025 vision. They were asked to provide specific examples (e.g., a specific program, grant, practice) to illustrate their ideas so that someone outside of their unit will understand what they are and why they are crucial to WVU’s transformation. Conversation prompts included:

  • What elements of WVU’s institutional culture, structures, policies, practices, values, design, etc., should we carry forward? Why?
  • What elements are meaningful to our WVU identity? Why?
  • What is essential to who we are and must be carried forward – even with modifications – to ensure WVU’s success? Why?

Then, participants were asked to identify things to ADD (or change) at WVU to reach the 2025 vision. Again, they were asked to provide specific examples to illustrate their ideas. Conversation prompts included:

  • What are the new things/components/structure/curriculum, etc., to add at WVU? Why?
  • What are the new innovations at WVU? Why?
  • What is essential for WVU’s future success? Why?

Finally, unit leaders summarized the feedback and ideas from their sessions and sent their reports to the core team.