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Process & Timeline

Conceiving and developing new academic programs takes a creative mindset and a forward-thinking approach. It also takes a significant investment of time and effort.

The Curriculum Innovation Challenge is purposefully designed not only to inspire new ideas for transformative academic programs—but also to familiarize faculty with the University’s curriculum development process and support them as they reinvent or develop new academic programs. As more faculty understand the process, the more engaged our campus community will be in championing efforts to reinvent and “rethink” academics at WVU.

Reflective of true curriculum development, the Curriculum Innovation Challenge is a multi-step process and provides selected teams the time and resources to fully investigate their program’s potential and create winning proposals and, more importantly, successful academic programs.


  • September 26, 2022: Challenge announced
  • October 10, 2022: Pre-proposal submission deadline
    View the online submission form.
  • Late October 2022: Announcement of selected pre-proposals
  • Early November 2022: Workshops for full proposal development
  • December 16, 2022: Full proposal submission deadline
  • January 2023: Announcement of selected proposals and grant awards
  • Spring, Summer and Fall 2023: Develop program curriculum