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Organizational Chart

Org Chart Office of the Provost 

Maryanne Reed —Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Paul Kreider— Vice Provost

Evan Widders—Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

David Stewart — Associate Provost for International Relations

Louis Slimak — Assistant Provost for Curriculum and Assessment 

Aimee Pfeifer — University Registrar

Mark Gavin— Associate Provost for Academic Budget, Facilities and Strategic Initiatives

Greg Corio — Assistant Vice President, Outdoor Economic Development Collaborative

Richard Thomas — Interim Associate Provost for Graduate Academic Affairs

Presha Neidermeyer – Associate Provost for Academic Personnel

Melissa Latimer — Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture 

Amber Brugnoli — Associate Vice President and Executive Director of the Office of Global Affairs

William Brustein — Special Assistant to the President for Global Affairs

Javier Reyes — Vice President for Start-Up West Virginia and Dean of John Chambers College of Business and Economics

Russell Dean — Special Advisor to the President and Provost (also reports to President)

C.B. Wilson — Senior Advisor to the Provost

Rochelle C. Goodwin— Senior Associate Vice President for Academic and Public Strategy  (also reports to VP for Strategic Action)

Lisa Castellino— Associate Vice President for Institutional Data and Analytics

Academic Colleges and Deans

Karen Diaz— Dean of WVU Libraries

Jorge Atiles — Dean of Extension and Engagement and Director of the WVU Extension Service

John Taylor — Interim Dean of College of Law

Jack Watson— Dean of College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences

Pedro Mago — Dean of Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources

Javier Reyes — Vice President for Start-Up West Virginia and Dean of John Chambers College of Business and Economics

Kenneth Blemings — Dean of Honors College 

Gregory Dunaway — Dean of Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

Keith Jackson— Dean of College of Creative Arts

Tracy Morris — Dean of College of Education and Human Services

Diana Martinelli— Dean of Reed College of Media

Darrell Donahue — Dean of Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design

Divisional Campus Presidents

Jennifer Orlikoff — Campus President of Potomac State College of WVU

Carolyn Long — Campus President of WVU Institute of Technology

Health Sciences Center

Clay B. Marsh — Vice President and Executive Dean for Health Sciences

Louise Veselicky — Associate Vice President for HSC Academic Affairs (also reports to Provost and VP of Academic Affairs)

John C. Linton— AVP and Dean of School of Medicine, WVU/Charleston Division

Emma Morton-Eggleston— AVP and Dean of School of Medicine, WVU/Eastern Division

Jeffrey Coben — AVP and Dean of School of Public Health

Fotinos Panagokos — Interim Dean of School of Dentistry

William Petros— Dean of School of Pharmacy

Tara Hulsey — Dean of School of Nursing

Mary Beth Mandich — Vice Dean for Professional Programs

Judie Charlton — Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs

Norman Ferrari III — Vice Dean for Education and Academic Affairs

Centers and Institutes 

Jason Hubbart  — Director of Institute of Water Security and Science

Kasi Jackson— Director of ADVANCE Center

Ellen Rodrigues — Director of LGBTQ Center 

Maura McLaughlin — Director Gravitational Waves and Cosmology Center 

Donna Peduto — Executive Director West Virginia Public Education Collaborative 

Renee Nicholson — Director of Humanities Center 

Jennifer Robertson-Honecker – Director of Mylan STEM-CARE 

Gay Stewart — Director Center for Excellence in STEM Education

Leslie Tower  – Director of Women's Resource Center

James Wood — Director of Energy Institute

WVU Press

Derek Krissoff — Director of WVU Press