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Community Conversation

Support WVU community members’ participation in “A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth”

Project Leader(s): Marla Gladstone, College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
Collaborator(s): School of Social Work, Research Office, Chambers College, Council for Women’s Concerns, Faculty Senate DEI committee and WVU Athletics

A collaborative group across WVU is planning to bring the program “A Long Talk About the Uncomfortable Truth” ( by Decide2Inspire to WVU’s campus. The program consists of pre-work each individual does in order to participate in the experience. The pre-work provides background information on systemic racism and allows the participants to share a starting knowledge on the topic. Participants work together in three sessions to practice challenging racism and grow a community of anti-racists. The sessions continue after the three days with monthly educational meet-ups as well as a Pillars of Change program that take place over the next year for those who want to delve deeper into making a difference in the communities they are involved. This program has been utilized by approximately 40 NCAA Division I schools. The funds will be used to offer scholarships to WVU students and staff to attend the planned training.