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Louis Slimak

Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment

Louis Slimak

304-293-1357 201 Stewart Hall (Morgantown)

As Associate Provost for Curriculum and Assessment at West Virginia University, Dr. Louis Slimak provides institutional leadership in the areas of program development, review, assessment, and quality assurance, academic and co-curricular assessment, academic policy, and operational evaluation. As the institution’s Accreditation Liaison Officer, he also assures that the institution’s  academic policies, procedures, systems, and practices operate in accordance with both the institution’s accrediting body and any related areas of federal and state compliance.

Dr. Slimak joined WVU in 2016 as Director of Academic Excellence and Assessment in the Teaching and Learning Commons where he worked to reconstitute the University Assessment Council, overhaul the institution’s program review process, and work closely with Faculty Senate to improve institutional assessment practices (especially for general education) and curricular review. As a member of the Provost’s Office, Dr. Slimak has continued to work with Faculty Senate to improve communication and transparency about academic policy change and curriculum changes, increase the quality of standardized data used in program review, and develop a system of professional development and support for faculty and staff in positions with assessment and curricular responsibilities.

Prior to joining WVU, Dr. Slimak worked for Wentworth Military Academy and College in rural Lexington, Missouri, where he was the institution’s accreditation liaison officer, assessment coordinator, department chair, and faculty member.

Dr. Slimak is also a peer reviewer for the Higher Learning Commission and does regular work with the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission’s state-wide assessment council.