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MVP Nomination Process

As this unimaginable Spring 2020 semester draws to an end, the WVU Office of the Provost needs YOUR help in recognizing the outstanding efforts of our faculty and instructors during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are asking all students to nominate faculty and instructors who demonstrated significant creativity, support and compassion during this unprecedented time.

To honor their efforts, we have launched a new set of teaching awards – the Teaching MVP Awards – and the nominations are completely driven by students! Nominations will be accepted through Friday, May 1.

Submit Your Nomination Now!

How Can I Nominate Someone?

  1. Think about any faculty member or instructor who you think should be considered a “Most Valuable Player” this semester. It might be someone who showed significant compassion or helpfulness in accommodating your Wi-Fi limitations or someone who communicated regularly and extensively to keep you and your classmates engaged and informed. You can also be playful (and clean) by recognizing a faculty member with the best video back drop, for the best and most interesting integration of their home life into instruction…It’s 100% up to you!
  2. Use the online form to submit your nomination – or nominations. There’s no limit on how many people you can nominate!
  3. Include the faculty member or instructor’s name and course subject, so we’re sure we have the right person!
  4. Offer up a creative award title that best reflects the efforts and skill of the instructor. For example, you might suggest “Jedi Zoom Master” for a faculty member who was amazing at keeping track of raised hands and chats and keeping zoom bombers out of your class.
  5. Provide a brief explanation of why the person deserves the award.
  6. Be sure to make your nominations before the end of the week! The form will only be available for submissions Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (April 29 - May 1).
Take a minute to recognize someone who made a difference for you in these last six weeks of instruction.