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Let’s Grow, Mountaineers!

Growing community through engaging, welcoming spaces

Project Leader: Carrie Caviani
Department/Unit: Purinton House and WVU Global Affairs

The Purinton House is the home for WVU’s global community. Members of the WVU Global Affairs team aimed to brighten the entrance of the Purinton House with plants and flowers in a collaborative effort to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The collaborative project engaged the Global Affairs team to select the plants and tend to their wellbeing. The team partnered with a local company, The Plant Cult, to identify appropriate plants or the space.

Due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, team members volunteered to take their plants home to tend to them until they could return to campus. For plants that remained at Purinton House, team members shared responsibility in maintaining a regular watering schedule and repotting and tending to plants that struggled against the harsh summer heat or irregular building temperatures.

Team members and student workers have said that caring for the plants throughout the pandemic has helped them stay connected to their “roots” in OGA, to develop new skills and relationships with team members, and to flourish in a challenging environment. The team looks forward to returning to campus to share the plants with others and to continue practicing their caretaking skills – with both the plants and the community they serve.