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Service Learning for International Students

Support the persistence and success of international students through community engagement

Project Leader(s): Kristi Wood-Turner, WVU Center for Service and Learning
Collaborator(s): Office of Global Affairs

The Center for Service and Learning would like to collaborate with the Office of Global Affairs to create a series of three tailored service experiences for international students to:

  • Connect international students to the greater community;
  • Encourage teambuilding though service with peers;
  • Reduce the experience of isolation; and
  • Inform and engage students on community needs, priorities and challenges.

The CSL will partner with community organizations to create informative and engaging service opportunities and integrate international students’ learning through intentional reflection. We are considering potential partners who can offer experiences in food security, sustainable energy production, opioid dependence in rural Appalachia, youth development, and community arts. As a companion to the service program, the CSL will design and present a training for community partners on promoting equity in the volunteer experience.

We anticipate engaging a total of 45-100 students; allowing flexibility for small group or large group experiences. The OGA will promote the program to international students and assist with logistics.