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University Mission Hires

In February 2020, the Office of the Provost launched a pilot program designed to hire and retain underrepresented faculty at West Virginia University. The University Mission Hires, developed by the Diversity Hire Task Force, provided additional funding to support new faculty hires. There was a competitive application process and those selected were funded for up to three years. We are now in the process of making this a sustained and long-term program that can stand on its own without Office of the Provost funding.


Please refer to the following conditions before submitting a proposal.

  • Search committees and the unit leader should attend the Inclusive Hiring workshop offered by the Office of the Provost.
  • Search committees should consult the current faculty placement goals for their college to identify candidate(s) who are underutilized relative to the national availability.
  • In keeping with the University’s teaching, research and service missions, the positions are open to all levels of the professorate; due to the R1 mission of the University, preference will be given to tenured or tenure-track positions at the assistant and associate professor rank.
  • Hires made through this program will require a waiver of posting, allowing for immediate, strategic recruitment.
  • Candidates must be eligible to work in the U.S.

Proposal Requirements

The following items will be required when submitting a University Mission hire proposal for consideration.

Cover Letter

A one-page cover letter from the department chair or director that includes the following:

  • A statement of need for the position (i.e., how the hire will contribute to the unit’s mission)
  • An assessment of how the potential hire aligns with strategic University priorities (e.g., initiatives that help to grow enrollment, increase student retention, increase research funding and/or productivity, grow national reputation)
  • A description of how this hire will improve the diversity of the unit, college and University

Curriculum Vitae

Complete CV of the potential hire.

Mentoring and Inclusion Plan

A one-page, bulleted mentoring and inclusion plan that outlines the processes that will be used to help the new faculty member succeed long-term at WVU. This plan should include activities/support at the unit, college and University levels.

Dean's Statement

A dean’s statement supporting the hire with the funding source(s) to be used to pay for the hire.

Recruitment Process

Below are the identified steps of the recruitment process:

  1. Identify potential and interested candidate(s).
  2. Secure candidate(s) CV and letter of interest.
  3. Department search committee reviews and recommends candidate(s) CV to department.
  4. Department reviews and recommends candidate(s) to chair/director.
  5. Chair/director recommends and submits proposal cover letter described above to dean. The dean works with Chris Staples to waive a national search.
  6. If approved for interview, a campus visit will be scheduled with department and dean.


Please direct questions to Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture Melissa Latimer ( or Executive Director of Academic Personnel Chris Staples (