Dear Mountaineer Parents:

I write to assure you all that the floods that ravaged southern West Virginia last month did not affect Morgantown or damage any of West Virginia University’s campuses, where we are busy preparing for the start of another great school year.

But while floodwaters have not reached us, the suffering of our fellow citizens has touched our hearts.

I am tremendously proud of the way our faculty, staff and students sprang into action: raising funds; collecting and delivering supplies; providing vaccines and other medical care. Within the first few days, we had collected and taken more than four tractor-trailer loads of supplies to impacted counties, including Clay, Greenbrier and Webster. The quick work of the Mountaineer community inspired many others around the state to engage in similar efforts.

We will continue to help in every way possible as southern West Virginia rebuilds and recovers from the flooding.

We specifically want to help any student whose family’s financial, housing, or employment status has changed due to these floods. If your student has concerns about returning to campus next month, please see our Mountaineer Hub ( ) for more information. And if your student’s needs or concerns in the aftermath of the flooding go beyond those that can be addressed at the Hub—if they would like someone to talk to, some more substantive support, etc.—please reach out to Kim Mosby at or contact my office at

As Mountaineers, we aspire to go first in many ways—in this case in providing both concrete aid and an example of compassion for others to follow. The recent floods have damaged property, claimed lives, and devastated families, but they cannot extinguish our state’s resilient spirit.


Joyce McConnell

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