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Strategic Transformation


In the future, WVU will be . . .

Extension office staff engaging with public

An exemplary land-grant university that advances and promotes West Virginia and the Appalachia region

Showing off a lab culture

A leader in the creation and dissemination of knowledge

Alan Brockman and Kyle Gillis, WVU, winners of the West Virginia Collegiate and High School Business Plan Compeititions

A unified university that is collaborative, integrative and effective

Muslim American activist and an aspiring writer, Sara Berzingi

A model of social equity

Event from Diversity Week. Women engaged in a Question and Answer session.

A university that advances a culture, climate and organizational structure that promotes sustainability, well-being and an enriched quality of life

Envisioning the Future of WVU

Throughout 2019, WVU faculty across all campuses engaged in an effort to identify the University’s key strengths and points of differentiation and to collectively imagine future opportunities and possibilities. In total, nearly 1,000 faculty and administrators participated in the Strategic Transformation process through a series of facilitated visioning sessions. The results of those sessions were coded, analyzed and organized into a high-level summary statement of our shared vision and purpose. While it is not a traditional “strategic plan,” it will serve as a blueprint for future growth and a guide to the University’s strategic direction.


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Transform This! Challenge Grants

In Spring 2020, the Office of the Provost launched an opportunity for faculty and staff at WVU to continue the momentum of Strategic Transformation at the University.

About the Challenge Grants