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Student Resources

We know that affordability of educational materials is important to our students and contributes to their overall success. WVU is committed to helping students find the information needed to make well-informed decisions about available options. Below are student-friendly resources to help navigate how to find if there are more affordable options for educational texts and materials.

Utilize WVU Bookstore Programs

WVU’s First Day® Complete program is an equitable access program that makes getting textbooks easier for students. The program provides undergraduate students with rented course materials at a lower, flat-rate price before the first day of classes, saving them an average of 35-50% on the cost of textbooks. Students are automatically enrolled in the program and can choose to opt out of the program until August 30.

Before making the decision to opt out of the program, undergraduate students should visit the WVU Bookstore website to search for and review the costs of required materials as compared to the First Day® Complete flat fees ($360 for full-time students or $168 for part-time students).

Search for Low-Cost, No-Cost and OER Courses

Faculty and instructors are encouraged to consider the affordability of all available materials when choosing which course materials to assign for their classes. They are also asked to identify when their courses fall into our low- and no-cost categories so they become searchable for students.  Students can use the Schedule Builder  and the STAR online course schedule to identify these designated courses.

  • A low-cost (LOWC)* course section means all required instructional materials (with the exception of proctoring and lab fees) can be purchased for a total expected cost of $75.00 or less based on “University bookstore pricing.”
  • A no-cost (NOC)* course section indicates that all required instructional materials (with the exception of proctoring and lab fees) are available to students at no additional cost beyond tuition.
  • An open-educational resources (OER) section indicates that all required instructional materials hold an open license or reside in the public domain. For more information, visit the WVU Libraries website.

*Although instructors have determined course pricing to the best of their ability, it is possible that courses identified as low- or no-cost may not exactly follow these guidelines.

Borrow and Re-Share Donated Materials

When deciding whether to participate in programs like First Day® Complete, students can visit the  WVU Library's Shining Minds webpage to see if their textbooks are available. 

The Shining Minds Textbook Initiative allows students to borrow textbooks and materials from the WVU Libraries or to donate items they no longer need for others to use.

Access Library Reserves

Some instructors have their materials “on reserve” and available through the WVU Libraries Reserve system. These might include both print and digital materials such as books, articles or other content. Generally, faculty will note the availability of such materials in the course syllabus. Students can also log in to search by course number or instructor name to find any available materials for their registered courses.