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Concern over the costs of course materials has led to both federal and state legislation and to Higher Education Policy Commission and WVU Board of Governors policies concerning textbook affordability.

The intent of the legislation and policies is to ensure that appropriate, high quality educational materials are selected and that students are given timely access to the most affordable materials. The relevant legislation, current initiatives, and WVU’s reports on compliance to the West Virginia University Board of Governors are archived on this webpage.

Legislation and Policy on Textbook Affordability

Affordability Opportunities

  • HEPC microgrants through Open Learning WV 
  • WVU OER grants and workshops  
  • WVU Bookstore efforts 
    • Through a partnership and contract with WVU, the WVU Bookstore gives $1.3 million to $1.5 million each year to non-athletic student scholarships.
    • The WVU Bookstores provide course materials to students in all available formats: new, used, rental and digital. Learn more about rentals on the  WVU Bookstore website.
    • The WVU Bookstores offer over 50 OER courseware options at $25 through our partners at BNED LoudCloud.
    • The WVU Bookstore can ensure that all students, including the nearly 2,000 students using third-party payments (Veterans Affairs, Student Financial Aid, Dept. of Rehabilitation, and Student Athletes using scholarships) can get their books for the first day of class. 

Campus Partners

National Organizations Engaged in Open Education/Textbook Affordability

Case Studies