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Syllabi Resources

Syllabus Review

Section level syllabi are evaluated for the following:

Course Introduction

Does the syllabus include all of the following:

  • Course title
  • Subject code and course number
  • Credit hours
  • Prerequisite courses
  • Instructor name, credentials
  • Class meeting pattern
  • Course introduction
  • Instructor contact information

Do the bolded bullets above match what is in CIM?

Instructional Materials

All required instructional materials should be listed, including textbook(s), supplemental materials, and technological requirements, i.e. eCampus course, required software, websites, etc. Ensure that all materials are current. Ensure that the distinction between required materials and optional materials is clear.

Course Learning Outcomes

Ensure that all outcomes are: clear, written from the learner's perspective, appropriate in number, measurable, appropriate to the degree level, appropriate to the level of learning, and aligned with major course learning activities and assessments. Also ensure that the learning outcomes listed in the syllabus match those entered into CIM Courses.


Is a list provided for all major assignments/assessments and brief explanation for the grading criteria for those assignments/assessments. Ensure that all major assignments/assessments and learning activities align with the stated course learning outcomes. Assignments/assessments and learning activities should be sequenced, varied, and suited to the level of learning. Each course should include multiple formative assessments where students are provided feedback aimed at improving their performance in the graded/assessed competencies and outcomes.

Is an explanation of the weight or distribution of course points provided?

Each course should have 20% of the course's total grade reported for a mid-semester grade. Instructors should also indicate what assignments will determine the mid-semester grade and what % of the total course grade the mid-term grade represents.

Is an expected timeline of major assignments/assessments and topics/units provided? Does that timeline reflect the assignments/assessments that will constitute the midterm grade?

Ensure that the resulting grade type is clear, i.e. letter grade, percentage, pass/fail, satisfactory/unsatisfactory, credit/non-credit, etc. Also ensure that the scale aligns individual assignments/assessments to the final grading scale (points, percentage, etc.)

Course and Institutional Policies

If attendance is graded, ensure that there is a clear, unambiguous attendance policy and that attendance is reflected as part of the grading policy. Also, ensure that the attendance policy and points are clearly separate from any participation policy and points. Ensure to include what the policy is for missing assignments, assessments, or tests and what the make-up policy is (if any).

If participation is graded, ensure that it is a clear, unambiguous part of the grading policy. Also, ensure that the participation policy and points are clearly separate from any attendance policy and points.

Ensure that a clear description of how missed work that is excused is made up and under what timeline.