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Thanking Our Academic Advisers for Going Above and Beyond!

Adviser Appreciation Day

As we close out the semester, it's only fitting to hold a day of celebration for our dedicated academic advisers on WVU’s third annual Adviser Appreciation Day.

Advising is so much more than helping students select their course schedule. Our advisers help students finetune their academic interests, navigate the myriad of University resources, learn about financial aid and explore different career pathways.

You are also on the front lines every day, building relationships and making deeper connections with every individual student. You take the time to listen to their goals, their successes, their fears and their struggles. And many times, you are our students' first touchpoint when they are coping with mental health challenges.

Indeed, our academic advisers offer students more than scheduling advice. They provide guidance, support and encouragement at every point along their academic journey at WVU.

And so, before the semester gets away from us, I want to thank each and every one of you for your patience, hard work and commitment to helping our students find their passion and purpose both inside and outside of the classroom. We greatly appreciate all that you do!


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Maryanne Reed
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs