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FAQs for Spring 2020 Pass/Fail Grading

What is HP? P? F?

High Pass is HP and refers to any grade C- or above. Pass is P and, in this situation, refers to a pass with a D-, D or D+. Fail is F and is no different than receiving an F on a graded scale.

Is this option available for all students? 

No. This option only available to undergraduate students. However, it is not available to undergraduate students taking 500 level courses and above. In some cases, it is an option for undergraduate students taking 100-400 level courses. It is not available to graduate students, including those taking undergraduate courses. Be sure to check with your advisor if you have any questions. 

How do I apply for HP/P/F grading?

You will need to fill out the HP/P/F grading request form online.

How will the HP/P/F impact my GPA?

Changing to the HP/P/F option will only improve your GPA if you are D/F repeating a class in which you earned a grade of D or F from a previous term. Likewise, this option will negatively impact your GPA if you Fail a course. Otherwise, the HP/P will not have a positive or negative impact on your GPA. 

Is this an all-or-nothing decision or can the HP/P/F be chosen for individual courses?

You can choose the HP/P/F option course-by-course. For example, if you have a 15-credit load, you can select to have 12 credits with graded option and three credits as HP/P/F. 

If I select to use the HP/P/F option, do I need to continue the course?

Yes. This is just a change in how a grade is reported on your transcript. All coursework, quizzes, assignments, etc., are still expected to be completed as usual.

How does the HP/P/F option impact prerequisites?

If you need a minimum letter grade in a course (e.g., C- or higher), the HP will fulfill that requirement. If you receive a P for one of those courses, it will NOT fulfill the requirement. An F will not meet the prerequisites, as usual.

Does a student need their advisor to sign off when choosing the HP/P/F option?

That decision is department specific. Please consult your advisor before completing the form. 

Once a student selects the HP/P/F option, can they change back?

No. Once you have selected this option, you cannot change back. Make this decision carefully and consult your advisor before completing the request form.

What is the process and deadline to select the HP/P/F option? 

April 24 is the deadline. The process is explained on the policy webpage.

What if I am currently D/F repeating a course?

If you earn a HP or P, the first attempt will be excluded from your GPA, and HP or P will be listed (but won’t directly improve your GPA). 

What happens if I select the HP/P/F option and then end up doing really well in my classes and want to switch back?

Once you have selected the HP/P/F option, you cannot reverse that decision. Therefore, it is important for you to evaluate your current standing in the course, taking into consideration all remaining graded opportunities before making your decision.

How does this impact scholarships?

Please refer to the Mountaineer HUB website to see scholarships that have adjusted GPA requirements. However, taking courses HP/P/F is allowed by scholarships.

How does this impact financial aid?

Please refer to the Mountaineer HUB website for guidance on financial aid questions.

How does this impact President's or Dean's List?

Courses with the HP/P/F grading option will be excluded from the calculation of credit hours for the President’s and Dean’s Lists. Please refer to the WVU Registrar’s website for details.

If pursuing a professional program, will HP/P/F be accepted for application? 

There is no single answer for this. Please check with the program to which you are applying in order to be confident in the answer. Be aware that some programs will require an earned grade, and HP or P may not count as an earned grade.

If pursuing a graduate program, will HP/P/F be accepted for application? 

Most graduate programs do not accept HP/P/F for prerequisites, but these are unusual times. It is best to check with the program and school to which you intend to apply.

Does this impact students who are currently on probation?

Maybe. If you are currently on probation, please know that HP and P grades do not raise or lower GPA. However, failing a course (F) will have an impact. Please consult your academic advisor to see how opting into the pass/fail grading option could have an impact on your GPA.

Can international students select the HP/P/F option or are there restrictions?

If you are receiving support from a sponsoring agency (e.g., SACM), please consult your sponsor to make sure it doesn’t object to the pass/fail grading option.