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Student Academic Forms

For Students Requesting Additional Attempts at a Course

Course attempt appeals for summer and fall 2023 will open March 3, 2023, and close August 14, 2023. 

Students who have already completed three or more attempts at a course must meet with their academic adviser to complete this form and to determine if they will be permitted an additional attempt and what, if any, performance expectations there will be in order to remain in their current major.

Advisers can use this template for a performance contract if their college would like to require one.

The student's academic adviser, the dean of the college of the student's major, and the Provost's Office will all separately review the petition with the final decision being made by the Provost's Office. Students will receive an email with that decision from the Provost's Office and may then need to consult with their academic adviser if they are unable to continue in their current major or plan of study.

For Students Requesting an Incomplete Grade 

  • Instructors may not assign a grade of "I" without the student's agreement and an incomplete contract on file with their Dean's Office.
  • Incomplete Contracts must indicated what grade would be earned in the course in the event that the work required to fulfill the contract is not completed.
  • Contracts may be extended beyond the normal contract term with the Dean's permission.
  • Students must be notified of the final approval or rejection of the requested Incomplete.
WVU Incomplete Contract