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Academic Standing Codes

Students can review academic standing codes in the table below. A student’s academic standing is posted in DegreeWorks under the Worksheet header column. The code designates whether a student is in good academic standing, on academic probation or on academic suspension. Academic standing is updated at the end of each regular term.

GS - No Probation or Suspension

G1 - Academic Notice (P1) P1 - Academic Notice
G2 - Two Probations (P2) P2 - Two Probations
G3 - One Suspension (S1) P3 - Three Probations S1 - One Suspension
G4 - Three Probations (P3) P4 - Four Probations
G5 - Two Suspensions (S2) P5 - Five Probations S2 - Two Suspensions
G6 - Four Probations (P4) P6 - Six Probations
G7 - Three Suspensions (S3) P7 - Seven Probations S3 - Three Suspensions
G8 - Five Probations (P5) P8 - Eight Probations