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Academic Standing Scenarios

Students can review a few examples of students who transitioned from good academic standing to academic probation and academic suspension. These examples explain how the new academic probation and suspension policy works.

Scenario #1

Johnny Mountaineer is a first-time student and finished the fall term with an overall GPA below a 2.0.

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Scenario #2

Susie Mountaineer is a first-time student and had below a 2.0 overall GPA for both the fall and spring terms.

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Scenario #3

Harold Mountaineer is a first-time student who transferred to WVU. He experienced a traumatic event in the fall term and earned a 0.00 term GPA, which lowered his overall GPA to a 1.95.

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Scenario #4

Stacey Mountaineer is returning in the fall term after a one-year academic suspension but was unable to raise her overall GPA to 2.0 (or higher).

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