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Faculty Advisory Council

In the summer of 2023, the Provost's Office convened a faculty work group with whom they shared the details of the expedited Academic Transformation process, including proposed metrics, analyses and steps moving forward. The goal of engaging this group, renamed Faculty Advisory Council in Fall 2023, is to seek faculty feedback on our process and to better understand the impacts of potential changes on faculty members and the academic community. Group members are not expected to make decisions that may impact their colleagues.


  • JoAnn Burnette (PSC), Instructor
  • Dana Coester (Media), Professor
  • Damien Clement (CAHS and Honors), Professor
  • Danielle Emerling (Libraries), Associate Curator
  • Mark Fullen (Extension), Professor
  • Hal Gorby (Eberly), Teaching Associate Professor
  • Kimberlyn Grey (WVU Tech), Associate Professor
  • Ann Marie Hibbert (Chambers), Professor
  • Justin Legleiter (Eberly), Professor
  • Mikylah Myers (Creative Arts), Associate Dean of Artistic and Scholarly Achievement, Professor
  • Renee Nicholson (Eberly), Teaching Associate Professor, Director of Humanities Center
  • Andrew Nix (Statler), Associate Professor
  • Mark Olfert (Medicine), Professor
  • Frankie Tack (CAHS), Service Associate Professor and Faculty Senate Chair
  • Scott Wayne (Statler), Associate Professor, Former Faculty Senate Chair
  • Amy Welsh (Davis), Associate Professor