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Retirement Resources for Faculty and Staff

  • Employees should always reach out to benefits at to get the most information about their specific benefits.
  • WVU Talent and Culture outlines Retirement Eligibility on their website (30 years of service or 60 years old with 5 years of service). 
  • Retirement-eligible employees may elect to continue PEIA health and life insurance coverages in retirement. PEIA retiree health premiums depend on several factors such as years of service; employees may also be eligible to utilize accrued sick leave or faculty service credit to help pay retiree health premiums. Visit the Retiree Health Insurance page for additional information regarding health insurance in retirement, including sick leave conversion and faculty service credit eligibility guidelines and Medicare Part A and B considerations. Benefits Strategy will assist retiring employees in enrolling in PEIA retiree health insurance and Medicare, if applicable.
  • WVU Talent and Culture offers details on how retirees are able to continue their flexible benefits, such as life, dental, vision insurance, etc. 
  • WVU Talent and Culture includes Information about and contact information for employees' 401(a) Defined Contribution Plan.
  • The WVU Faculty website explains how retirees can apply for Emeritus status.
  • Consider your Social Security Benefits and learn more through the United States Social Security Administration website.