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Academic Restructuring


Through Phase 2 of Academic Transformation, we continue to look at academic restructuring as a way to achieve both efficiencies and cost savings – and to foster cross-disciplinary collaboration and creative-problem solving that can occur within re-sized academic units.

The goal is to merge and consolidate smaller academic units into new structures that result in dynamic academic programming, administrative efficiencies, and cost savings. Such mergers should occur between units that share a similar mission and instructional and research alignments.

Timeline Highlights

  • June 14, 2023 - Merger announced
  • June 23, 2023 - BOG votes to endorse merger
  • June - August 2023 - Discussions about new college structure, leadership and potential names
  • AY23-24 - College-level workgroups address key areas (faculty evaluation, enrollment management, advising and student success, communications, fundraising, etc.)
  • July 1, 2024 - New college launches


  • Announcement of the planned merger of the College of Creative Arts and the College of Media