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Long-form Scholarship Celebration

Dear Colleagues:

While it’s unfortunate that we were unable to host the Fifth Annual Long-Form Scholarship Celebration in person this spring, I’m pleased that we have found a way to celebrate the success of our productive and creative faculty — virtually.

As no single college, department or office "owns" long-form scholarship, the celebration is a collaborative effort among the Provost’s Office, WVU Libraries, WVU Press and WVU Humanities Center.

Just as it was intended, this year's celebration recognizes a wide field of honorees across a significant number of disciplines and areas of expertise. I am thrilled to point out that the majority – 71% – of this year’s honorees are located outside of the arts and humanities, where most would perceive long-form scholarship to originate. It is exciting to recognize such scholarship within the arts and humanities,as well as within the social and behavior sciences, science, technology, and engineering disciplines.

This event is one that is particularly special for our WVU community. It gives us the opportunity to highlight the commitment, hard work and achievements of faculty who are helping to propel our institution forward. The 27 individuals included in our virtual showcase this year exemplify the individual and collaborative efforts that put WVU at the forefront of teaching, learning, insight and discovery.

Through their innovative and creative scholarship, these faculty are expanding our ability to better understand the world around us. By sharing their passion and expertise, they are helping to inspire new inquiry, lead to future discoveries and create a better world for future generations.

I hope you take the time to explore the work of your colleagues being honored in our virtual showcase.

And as you wrap up the spring semester and begin to think ahead to fall, I hope you’ll keep this event in mind and tell us about your long-form scholarship and creative work next year. While our immediate future may feel uncertain right now, we can always count on the collective Mountaineer spirit to push us forward. To our faculty and scholars, I encourage you to keep asking tough questions – and keep pursuing the answers.

We will be here to cheer you on, every step of the way.


Maryanne Reed signature

Maryanne Reed

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs