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Faculty Rewards and Recognition Committee

Committee Members

  • CO-CHAIR: Melissa Latimer (Provost’s Office), Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Culture
  • ASSOCIATE CHAIR: Chris Staples (Provost’s Office), Executive Director of Academic Personnel
  • Peter Butler (Davis), Associate Professor, Director
  • Matthew Campbell (CAHS), Associate Professor
  • Brent Clark (Extension), Extension Associate Professor, Director
  • Emily Corio (Media), Teaching Associate Professor
  • Lupe Davidson (Eberly), Professor, Associate Dean
  • Kelly Diamond (Libraries), University Librarian
  • Lisa DiBartolomeo (Eberly), Teaching Professor
  • John Hu (Statler), Professor
  • Glen Jackson (Eberly), Professor
  • Julie Lockman (HSC), Teaching Associate Professor, Assistant Vice President for Graduate Education, Director of Faculty Affairs
  • Andrea Taliferro (CAHS), Associate Professor
  • John Taylor (Law), Professor
  • Michael Walsh (Chambers), Associate Professor, Chair