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Priority 5

Priority 5

Enhance opportunities for faculty rewards and recognition

WVU must incentivize faculty to be engaged, productive and collaborative and to contribute to the University’s mission.

To remain a competitive institution that attracts a range of students, we must consider how we incentivize our faculty to be engaged and collaborative and to contribute to the University's mission by appropriately and consistently rewarding them for their achievements in the classroom and beyond.

The Faculty Rewards and Recognition Committee is utilizing both internal data (e.g., salary structures, faculty workload agreements, available benefits, annual review data) and external data (e.g., analysis of promotion and tenure process at peer institutions) to guide their process.

This effort will also recognize the importance of faculty contributions in the areas of diversity and inclusion and will ensure that under-represented and minoritized faculty are equitably valued and rewarded.

By examining our current processes and identifying new areas of need and of opportunity, we will improve our current system and reward faculty for their excellence and impact.

Results to Date

Results January - August 2021

  • Drafted proposal on University workload guidelines.
  • Drafted proposal on post tenure/promotion reviews.
  • Drafted revision of promotion and tenure document to address a variety of contributions, such as applied, public, and community-engaged research.
  • Developed more rigorous teaching and service evaluation tools to supplement SEI’s and expanded what is recognized and valued in research.
  • Compiled data on salary disparities and estimated costs for addressing inequities

Timeline & Process

Fall 2021-Spring 2022

  • Re-establish the Faculty Recognition and Rewards Committee and begin regular meetings.
  • Initiate and complete the campus process for changing the promotion and tenure guidelines to ensure the process is inclusive, clear and transparent.
  • Continue to address salary disparities.
  • Work with external expert to improve the University workload guidelines.
  • Work with deans and chairs to create and approve equity-minded faculty workloads for colleges and departments.