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Academic Standards Resources

This website provides supplemental materials to faculty and students for use in reporting and appealing violations of WVU's academic standards policy. Before using any of these materials, faculty and students are urged to consult the full academic standards policy in the WVU Undergraduate Catalog or the WVU Graduate/Professional Catalog.

Violations of research integrity such as allegations of research misconduct including plagiarism, falsification and fabrication of research material, are handled through a separate office and process.

In Fall 2019, the WVU Policy on Student Academic Integrity will take effect. Until that time, all incidents of academic dishonesty are managed following the guidelines established on this website and in the WVU Campus Student Code. For guidance on the WVU Policy on Student Academic Integrity, please contact the Office of Academic Integrity via email or by phone at (304) 293-8111.

Information for Students and Faculty

Student Resources

Resources for Faculty Only

Academic Dishonesty Reporting Forms are NOT intended for student use. If you are a student wishing to appeal a sanction related to academic dishonesty, consult the contact list above (see "Who reviews academic appeals and how do I contact them?") and send them an email stating that you wish to appeal a sanction.

Academic Dishonesty Reporting Forms do NOT notify students that they have been charged with academic dishonesty; they are for data collection and appeal processing only. Instructors are required to notify students via email. See below for email templates.