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John Campbell

Vice Provost

Vice Provost

As the Vice Provost at West Virginia University, Dr. John P. Campbell serves as the Provost’s chief deputy and acts on her behalf in her absence.

He also serves as liaison with the appropriate persons and units on all matters involving academic facilities, deals with budget matters as they relate to those units that report to the Provost, develops the University’s request for discretionary WVU Foundation funds, and provides oversight for the Provost’s Office accounts to assure that expenditures from them are in accord with relevant policies.

John’s efforts focus on leading the institution’s strategic and resource planning as well as service delivery. Prior to his appointment at WVU, he was the Associate Vice President for Academic Technologies at Purdue University. His responsibilities focused on the support, empowerment, and enhancement of faculty efforts in research and teaching/learning.

During the past ten years, Dr. Campbell has examined methods to use academic analytics to identify students at risk within courses. He was the founder of the Signals project which has been featured on NBC and in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The Signals project has also been awarded the 2012 Noel-Levitz Retention Award, the 2011 Digital Educational Achievement Award, and the 2011 Campus Technology Innovators Award for Teaching and Learning. His doctorate was earned at Purdue University in Higher Education Administration.

Assisted by:
Lory Osborn
Executive Assistant to the Vice Provost
Office of the Provost